Dal Lago Law in Naples, Florida is proficient at representing Debtor’s in bankruptcy cases, and both secured and unsecured creditors in liquidation (Chapter 7) and reorganization (Chapter 11 and Chapter 13) proceedings.  We help clients assert their bankruptcy rights to recover money that is owed to their company.  

If you are owed money by a debtor, have been sued under section 542, 547 or 548 of the Bankruptcy Code, or if you anticipate being sued because you either owe a debtor money or you recently received payment from a debtor, please contact Dal Lago Law as soon as possible.


Naples FL Creditors’ Rights Attorney

Dal Lago Law has helped counsel its Creditors’ Rights clients achieve exceptional results in the following areas:

  • Obtaining workouts and Chapter 11 reorganizations, including income-producing properties such as hotels, commercial or industrial centers, office buildings, apartment complexes, technology and agribusiness
  • Protecting cash collateral
  • Obtaining relief from stay
  • Obtaining receivers to enforce rights of secured creditors
  • Defending against preference and fraudulent transfer avoidance actions
  • Negotiating and closing the acquisition of assets from bankruptcy estates
  • Structuring settlements to minimize the impact of a subsequent bankruptcy filing
  • Preparing and defending objections to proofs of claim
  • Critiquing and negotiating plans in bankruptcy to ensure the greatest recovery for creditors
  • Representing Creditors’ committee 
  • Reclaiming goods
  • Prosecuting and defending complex federal and state court litigation and appeals relating to loan enforcement, commercial law, lender liability claims, fraudulent business schemes and fraudulent transfers
  • Restructuring and developing workouts of troubled loans, both secured and unsecured
  • Problem solving with respect to personal property liens and collateral, including Article 8 and Revised Article 9 of the UCC and agricultural liens
  • Assisting in judicial and non-judicial foreclosures

Dal Lago Law also has years of experience defending its clients in “preference actions” or “fraudulent transfer actions” that are brought under Bankruptcy Code sections 547 and 548, respectively.  In the event that our clients are named as a defendant in either of these types of actions, Dal Lago Law will provide them with a complete analysis of the applicable defenses that may be available to them.  

We will vigorously defend your rights and help you obtain an optimal resolution to these actions. Contact us today.

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